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Organizing Portfolio

Pantry Organization

The pantry can often become the "catch-all" for food in the kitchen.  Without a cohesive system to keep everything in its place, it is easy a mess.  This client opted to upgrade the builder grade wire shelving to provide more space & beautify this pantry.  The addition of bins, labels & decanting many items this pantry is a beauty! 

Pantry after.jpeg

Linen Closet Organization

Before this linen closet was overstuffed and items were inaccessible and disorganized.  Our client purged unused items & we were able to better organize all items.  Not only is this linen closet now functional, it is lovely on the eyes! 

M linen after 2.jpeg

Spice Cabinet Organization

This client's kitchen spice cabinet needed a major overhaul.  With a small investment of organizing items and correct placement for ease of use, cooking will be a breeze from now on in this kitchen.

Spice cabinet after 3.jpeg
Spice cabinet after.jpeg

 Cabinet Organization

Many clients like to keep everyday medications in the kitchen for convenience.  We upgraded and made more sense of the medicine & first aid storage for our customer.

spencer med cabinet after.jpg
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