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Welcome to Aligned in Style!  My name is Michele and I am a professional organizer & home stager.  I reside in beautiful Northern Virginia with my amazing family, sweet dog & my darling chickens.  My passion for organizing and redesigning spaces has been a part of who I am for as long as I can recall.  Some of my first memories are organizing my mom's kitchen cabinets...rearranging her spices, sorting those little bottles of food coloring (bad idea for a 3-year old) and re-arranging furniture because it just "didn't seem right" to me. 


I take great pride in my work and gain a strong sense of accomplishment through helping others.  I have worked with all levels of disorganization l and my approach is always the same... I approach each client and project judgment free.  Becoming overwhelmed for whatever reason just happens...and it's okay.  I can help you sort through your "things" along with the emotions that go along with it.

Maintaining a reputation as a reliable Professional Organizer & Restyling Expert means making sure all of my clients have complete and total confidence in my work.

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