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Professional Organizing Services
In Virginia & Maryland
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Aligned in Style, LLC provides full-service and hands-on organizing.  I will be present throughout all stages of your project from beginning to end to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.  Whether your kitchen & pantry needs some TLC, you have a garage caught in the "piles everywhere" dilemma, your business paperwork has taken over, your closets are swallowing you up or you find it difficult to let go of things & are now wondering how things got "so bad"...realize it can be reversed & most importantly...don't be embarrassed & know you will not be judged.  More people are in your situation than you would think, so please know that I will help you along the way to bring your spaces back to what they once were.  You will be amazed at the burden lifted off of your shoulders post-transformation.



Book a free discovery call where we can dive deep into your goals, talk to each other one on one and I can learn more about how I can help you.  This is also a great time to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the process.  Typically, your first session will be booked at the end of our call.  


If you are comfortable, it is always helpful to text or e-mail photos of the space(s) to be organized, but it is not necessary.  This allows me to come up with a plan of action to achieve the best results for you during our first session.  But don't worry and rest assured - even without prior photos your project will be handled impeccably and communication will be key. 


Mark your calendar for our first session!  Upon arrival, I will take a look at which areas will be tackled during that session.  Whether you want to dive in with me and get to work, instruct me with assistance occasionally, or step away to work, perform household duties, etc. & check in are in charge of how your session goes.



Enjoy your newly organized spaces and book your next session! 



Session times begin at 4 hours & can go up to 8 for one session.  Projects can greatly differ with regard to the number of hours required, but rest assured the work will be performed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  My rate is $75 per hour and all projects include custom labels and/or pre-made labels (up to 40 labels.)   To give you a general idea, below are average estimates for several areas of a standard sized home: 

  • ​Closet 3 -4 hours

  • Bedroom 4 - 6

  • Kitchen 6 - 8

  • Garage 8-12

  • Office 6+ (varying depending on paperwork)

  • Basement or Attic 12-20


Good storage solutions are always preferred, but not always necessary.  Many times, clients already own different storage items that can be repurposed.  I always recommend using what you have, but if you need or prefer new storage solutions & would like Aligned in Style to purchase these on your behalf, a shopping rate of $50 per hour will be added to your invoice at the end of our project/session. 


20 Additional Personalized labels: $25 with label application 

20 Personalized labels with Bin Clips: $45 ​

Add-on to an existing session: $75/hour


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