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TERMS: Headliner
TERMS: Terms of Use

Confidentiality and Privacy
Aligned in Style offers complete confidentiality and discretion, and we will never divulge information to any third parties without your consent.  By entering into contract with Aligned in Style you agree that your personal details will be held securely, to be used only in connection with the services carried out by Aligned in Style.

Cancellation Policy
We appreciate that both you and an Aligned in Style may need to reschedule a session you have booked.  Cancellations made by the client more than 48 hours in advance of the session will be refunded in full. There is no charge for rescheduling a session, however, if cancellation occurs within less than two clear calendar days notice and you are not looking to reschedule your session to another time and date, 50% of the purchase price will be retained by Aligned in Style. Cancellations made on the same calendar day as the booked session may not be refunded.  Cancellations of rescheduled sessions are not eligible for refund. ​

Working Hours 
Aligned in Style always proceeds with an in-home consultation prior to booking a session. During the consultation we will work with you to determine how many hours you may require. It is not always possible however to give an accurate estimate and some projects may require more sessions/hours than initially thought, depending on a variety of factors as each project and client is unique. 
One paid session typically last up to 4 hours.  Session pricing is per organizer.  Should the time of one single session go over 4 hours, you will be charged $75 per hour and per organizer for the hours worked.  Aligned In Style will always inform you when the booked time is up and obtain your permission to continue if you wish to do so. 

Package pricing 
Session packages must be pre-paid and must be used within 6 months from date of purchase

When decluttering with you, Aligned in Style will always work at your own pace as decluttering can be physically and emotionally demanding. Breaks can be taken as you wish, however please be aware that these breaks will count towards the duration of the booked session. Should the session duration take place during breakfast, lunchtime or dinner, our organizer may need to take a break (no more than half an hour) and you will not be charged for this time. This will be arranged prior to the session starting so you are aware of timings.

Aligned In Style organizers work Monday to Friday 9 am - 6 pm. Weekends, bank holidays and after-hours sessions can be arranged as well.

Please ensure there is good access immediately outside your home and inside your home.  Aligned in Style is unable to move furniture due to reasons of health and safety.  Should the working area be considered unsafe, Aligned in Style reserves the right to cancel the session without refund.

Best advice
Decluttering focuses on deciding which of your possessions and items you want to keep. Through this process, you may find yourself parting with possessions or items that you decide you no longer need. The decision to keep or discard an item is entirely yours. We only guide you to help you determine what you need in your home. Advice is given in good faith and it is always your decision to accept guidance on whether or not to keep particular possessions. Aligned in Style cannot therefore accept responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. Aligned in Style cannot be held liable for any possessions or items that have been discarded.

Removal of possessions
We encourage recycling items where possible or donations to registered charities. You may even choose to sell possessions or items that you no longer need. Aligned in Style is unable to provide a valuation service, nor do we have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity. In any event, possessions or items disposed of are your sole responsibility. Items to be removed from your premises, either for disposal or to other locations, must be at your own discretion. The client accepts responsibility for all or any items disposed of in the decluttering process. Aligned in Style is happy to assist with scheduling or coordinating of such disposal.  If you purge more than whatever you can dispose of yourself, Aligned in Style will can arrange for a hauler to come for a fee.

Aligned in Style may use before and after photographs to support a client's organization journey.  A release will be signed by the client allowing release of photographs by Aligned in Style. 
Aligned in Style might use these photographs as example of our work, and to inspire others on this website and on social media platforms. Photographs are always anonymous; the client cannot be identified through them, except if we have received your permission to do so. 

Aligned in Style may make suggestions on additional products and services by third parties. Although we always do our best to ensure we recommend high quality products and services we are unable to accept any responsibility or liability should the products or services cause you direct or consequential loss or damage. 

Purchase and return of organization products
Aligned in Style will provide a clickable shopping list based on your budget and project.  This list will be emailed to you the customer and items will be purchased/returned by the customer.  For any in person shopping, we charge a separate shopping fee for time and products will be charged to you at their retail price plus any applicable tax. If there is a product that you do not like once it is installed in your home, we will be happy to organize its return and we will reimburse you. Please note that returns will not be possible after the organization session or if the organization session has been delayed and we have been storing products on your behalf past the return window. We cannot return products that require assembly once they are assembled, and we will therefore be unable to reimburse you.

Products assembly
Our organizers will be happy to assemble small organization items within the session time. For larger items such as pieces of furniture, shelving, etc., we can work with a handyman that we can arrange to come for a fee.  Please note that assembled products cannot be returned or refunded.

Aligned in Style is not a cleaning service and we are therefore unable to provide cleaning services.  We may perform light cleaning and/or wiping down of surfaces prior to an installation. 

Travel Costs
All services paid for include travel costs provided the services are carried out in a 60-minute round trip radius from Hillsboro, Virginia. Outside of these areas travel expenses and additional fees will be charged and pre-agreed before a session takes place.  Parking charges will also apply.

Payment Terms
Payment is required in advance of your session unless otherwise discussed. Aligned in Style accepts payment by cash, Venmo, Zelle or electronically through your bank.  

Aligned in Style reserves the right to increase its rates at any time. Any sessions booked prior to a rate increase will be unaffected by the increase. 

Aligned in Style provides in-home service and while every care will be taken with your possessions whilst in your home, Aligned in Style cannot be held liable for any direct or consequential loss or damage. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate and appropriate insurance for your possessions.
Aligned in Style holds General and Professional Liability Insurance.

It is of the utmost importance for me to protect the privacy and personal information of my site visitors and users.

Data Collection, Use, and Sharing
I am the sole proprietor of the information collected on this site. I only collect data that are voluntarily provided by site visitors, and I never sell this information to any third parties. Unless you indicate otherwise, I may contact you to tell you about Aligned In Style updates or changes to this privacy policy.

Control Over Data
You are free to contact me at any time to inquire about what information I hold about you, to change any of your details which need to be corrected or updated, or to express any concerns you have regarding my use of your data.

Information Security
I take comprehensive steps to protect your information. Sensitive data is always encrypted, stored on my secure servers, and transmitted using the safest methods.

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