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Project WORKOUT!

Why would a home gym would need to have personal touches, be organized & have an element of design & comfort? After all, you're just going to get sweaty (hopefully!) Well, after the pandemic hit we all learned relatively quickly that life as we knew it was least for awhile anyway. While some of us took this valuable time to bake carb heavy goodies & binge watch Netflix (guilty), I had a client who wanted to transform a small basement room into her home gym & sanctuary to escape the trap that many of us were falling into. She placed some gym equipment in this room, but without the right atmosphere, was just not able to get motivated.

Here is her space before. Not too bad, but not functional. We really weren't sure what this space was originally intended for, but it was used as a craft/playroom for awhile. We brainstormed a bit, discussed budget & got to work!



Okay! Let's jump in....first step? Empty it out and paint! It's amazing what a little paint can do to transform a you already knew that, right? Priority #1 was getting those built-ins under control. We removed the uppermost shelf to provide space for a t.v. It was the perfect space for this as most equipment would be facing these built-ins. When limited on space, the best options are the ones that make the most sense. Of course....we had to make it pop so a burst of a deep gray spoke to us. What do you think?


We discussed the most essential wants for this client. She really wanted good storage options that didn't make her home gym look like...well...a gym. She needed storage for all the goodies that are required to transform your physique! :)

  • The t.v...of course

  • An outlet for charging & plugging in said t.v.

  • A "meditation area" to have a few electric candles & house her meditation set

  • A dry erase board to keep track of those workouts!

  • Step workout board storage

  • Towel storage for those hard pump workouts

  • Dumbell storage

We added the design feature of an accent wall. It just needed it....was a blank boring wall. Just some stenciling and paint and we think it turned out beautiful! Whatcha think?

The client was very happy with the overall project & how seamlessly it came together. We were happy to provide the service and it's a win-win. Don't be afraid to tackle a new project in your home!

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