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Regain your peace of mind...

Living Room

Aligned In Style, LLC is a professional home organizing & staging company serving Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland.  We offer customized and sustainable solutions for you and understand that each client has unique needs.  Let's  focus on regaining your peace of mind in your day to day life.  Whether your space requires a complete overhaul or you're just looking for an improved job is too big or too small. 

If you're preparing your occupied home for its next chapter, do not hesitate to reach out.  Often, small changes can make a huge impact in transforming your home for a quick sale.  Let's chat about your project.  

Well Organized Closet


If you need light organization, a whole home overhaul or monthly maintenance to keep your spaces organized reach out today.  Life is busy and often times trying to juggle all that needs to be done in one day becomes a challenge.  Hiring a professional organizer alleviates that burden and gives you back the peace of mind that comes with organized systems and decluttering.


Hi, I'm Michele - owner of Aligned in Style, LLC.  I take great pride in each project & client and work with all levels of disorganization, big and small.  I maintain a strong focus on personalized service and customer satisfaction whether I am organizing your space or preparing your home for sale. You can trust I am always working to exceed my clients’ high standards & expectations.

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